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The Gathering


The final week in June proved to be a momentous and most enjoyable time for the people of Cornafean. The Gathering committee would like to thank the outside musicians, Dan Sweeney, The Crosserlough Set Dancers and above all Seamus O’Rourke for the very successful launch of Sean Masterson’s and Tommy Donohoe’s double CD on Friday 21st. Thanks to Patsy McDermott, the Cross Mullagh Wrenboys and the Cornafean Ceili Group we had a very pleasant evening on Saturday 22nd in the Shantully Inn. This was followed by a real gathering on Sunday where Gerry O’Reilly from London performed in McSeain’s Bar – one of the visitors at this session was his cousin Vincent O’Reilly formerly from the Derries and brother of the Gallant John Joe with his two daughters. The young people of the area gave a brilliant performance at the Stars in Your Eyes and Variety Concert in the Sports Hall on Tuesday night where they performed to a packed audience. The cross community concert in Derrylane on Wednesday was a huge success where the refreshments were second to none. Thanks to Billy Saunderson we had a pleasant and informative talk on Farranseer House on Thursday night. The second highlight of the week was on Friday night 28th when mass, which was celebrated by Fr Tom McKiernan, was followed by a performance of the reformed old marching band who played to a crowd of over 500 people outside McSeain’s. Thanks to George Cartwright an enjoyable historical tour took place on Saturday and the whole successful gathering was brought to a close on Saturday night to the music of Christy and Mono. Over 2000 people attended the 8 events and the committee would like to thank most sincerely the many people who came from abroad, especially Michael Kelly, Canada who performed at various events and the wider community who supported and helped out in any way. We hope that The Gathering will live long in the hearts of our people.
For more pictures check out https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cornafean-Gathering-21st-30th-June-2013/331697690275064 you don't need a facebook account to access this link.